Terms (conditions)



The information posted on the website of the online store contains the terms of the purchase offer goods and constitutes a public offer. The Buyer's acceptance is the execution order for the proposed product.

In its activities, the online store is guided by the provisions of the current legislation.

These Rules may be changed by the online store without any special notice, the new version of the Rules comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Site, if otherwise is not provided by the new version of the Rules, and does not apply to legal relations between the Buyer and the online store that arose before the new version of the Rules entered into force (conditions) in force.


An online store is a part of a trading organization designed to provide to the buyer via the Internet the information required when making a purchase, including including the range of goods, prices, seller, methods and terms of payment, for acceptance from buyers through the Internet messages about the intention to purchase goods.

Web Store Website - owned and operated by the Web Store a set of logically interconnected web pages containing data about products and conditions of their purchase.

Product - quests and information presented in the catalog of the online store on its website. The buyer is the person who purchases the goods.

Personal data - information provided by the act, voluntarily and knowingly provided by the Buyer when placing an order in the online store and necessary for execution by the online store of the Buyer's order. An online store that carries out as the need to process personal data of Buyers, has accepted sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them or their destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions.

Protection of personal data - online store measures for the processing of personal data the Buyer for the purpose of statistical processing, marketing research, increasing the efficiency of servicing each Buyer, providing exclusive information about special offers, news and other marketing materials.

Order is an electronic or verbal application of the Buyer for the purchase of the Goods from the catalog of the Internet store, agreed by the Parties, accepted and executed by the operator of the online store. Agreement - a sale and purchase agreement between the Buyer and the online store about purchase by the Buyer of certain Goods at a certain price, with delivery to agreed terms on certain conditions of delivery or receipt.

Services - a set of activities of the online store in relation to the Buyer, carried out with the purpose of fulfilling the terms of the Agreement, informing the Buyer about the execution process Contracts, etc.


Intellectual property protection.

All textual information and graphics posted on the site are property of the online store.

Electronic catalog. Description and price of the Product.

The availability of the Products presented in the catalog of the online store is determined by the individual status of the Product displayed in the genre catalog, as well as on the Product card with detailed description of its characteristics.

All information about the Product presented on the site is for informational purposes, not is an advertisement and cannot fully convey all information about the properties and product characteristics.

Photos, diagrams, drawings, video images of samples of the Goods in the catalog are the property online store or its counterparties. Each sample image is accompanied by textual information about the Goods. The quality of the settings and features of the computer screen The Buyer may distort the color scheme of the presented Goods. The buyer has the right contact the support service of the online store for more information about the product that interested him. At the request of the Buyer, the manager of the online store is obliged provide (by telephone or e-mail) other information, necessary and sufficient for him to make a decision to purchase the Goods.

Product may vary slightly from the image shown on the website in terms of color, shape, size or other parameters. Any characteristics of the Goods are subject to change the manufacturer of the Goods without prior notice. Goods in the cases provided for legislation, has all the necessary documents confirming its compliance requirements.

If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, which may affect his decision to purchase the Goods, the Buyer must seek advice from the online store before creating an Order.


The site provides information about the main consumer properties of the Goods, about the address (location) of the seller, the place of manufacture of the goods, the full company name (name) of the seller (manufacturer), about the price and conditions for the purchase of goods, about its delivery, service life, expiration date and warranty period, the order of payment for the goods, as well as the period during which the offer to conclude the Agreement is valid.

At the time of delivery of the goods to the Buyer, he is additionally provided in writing the following information about the Product:

information about the document confirming the conformity of the product to the established requirements (in cases provided for by applicable law);

information about the main consumer properties of goods;

price in the currency of purchase and conditions for the purchase of goods, including when paying for goods a certain time after their transfer to the Buyer, the full amount payable Buyer;

terms and conditions for the efficient and safe use of products;

address (location), trade name (name) of the manufacturer (executor, seller), authorized organization or authorized individual entrepreneur, importer;

information about the rules for selling goods;

other information, the need to provide which is provided for by the current legislation.


Each Party is responsible for the inaccuracy of the information it provides. The online store is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information, provided by the Buyer when registering on the Site and when creating an Order.

To place an Order, the Buyer must provide valid and up-to-date data, necessary to fulfill the Order. Responsibility for validity and/or topicality provided data, as well as for incorrect data provided by the Buyer and/or representative of the Buyer, is borne by the Buyer.

The moment of conclusion of the Agreement - in terms of the obligations of the online store to transfer certain Goods - from the moment of receiving an electronic or oral message from the Buyer about its order, and in the case of a sale on a prepaid basis, also from the moment the prepayment is received;

in terms of the Buyer's obligations to create conditions for receiving and inspecting the Goods — from the moment the online store receives an electronic or oral message from the Buyer about the order of the Goods;

in terms of the obligations of the online store to create conditions for receiving payment Buyer for the Goods - no later than the moment of acceptance of the Goods by the Buyer;

in terms of payment for the Goods by the Buyer - simultaneously with the receipt of the Goods.

The contract is considered to be finally concluded in the proper form from the date of issuance of the Internet store to the Buyer of a cash or sales receipt or other document confirming payment for the Goods.

A different moment or other conditions for concluding the Agreement may be specifically provided for law or the Agreement itself (including the terms of the standard forms to which Buyer joins).


Violation by the Buyer of the established rules for using the Goods releases the Internet store from responsibility.

The online store is exempt from liability for non-fulfillment of obligations or for improper performance of obligations, if it proves that non-performance of obligations or their improper performance occurred due to force majeure circumstances, as well as on other grounds provided by law.

The online store is released from liability for harm caused to life, health or property of the Buyer due to design, production, recipe or other defects of the Goods, if it proves that the damage was caused as a result of violation by the Buyer established rules for the use (consumption), storage or transportation of goods, and also due to other circumstances that arose through no fault of the online store.


The Order of the Goods is carried out by the Buyer by placing the Goods in the "basket" and filling the order form provided on the website of the online store;

At the same time, the online store informs the Buyer that the obligations of the online store for the delivery of goods arise after payment for the goods by the Buyer. The order is placed only after it has been processed by the services of the online store. Reformation of the Order is possible only after agreement with the Buyer of its final configuration.

Cases of removal of the Goods by the online store itself from the agreed Order:

The online store informs the Buyer about the absence of the Goods, which turned out to be upon full-scale configuration of the Order and pre-sale inspection of the Goods, and the detected by the online store itself, a defective Product could not be replaced with a quality one in reasonable time.

Pre-order item not on sale, out of stock. Exit goods for sale are delayed indefinitely or canceled by the manufacturer.

Legal restrictions on the free sale of the ordered Goods have been introduced.


The method of receiving the Goods is agreed upon by the Parties when placing the Order. At least 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to delivery to the Buyer or to the pick-up point, the Parties may renegotiate the method of delivery or receipt.

The online store has the right to deliver the Goods using the services of third parties, remaining responsible for the proper fulfillment of their obligations.


Delivery cost is calculated individually (based on dimensions, region, form of payment and shipping method). The total cost of delivery of the Order is provided to the Buyer immediately before paying for the Order.

The online store will make every possible effort to deliver the Goods to the Buyer as quickly as possible as it will be possible, taking into account the chosen delivery method.

The Carrier is responsible for the safety and delivery time of the Goods, unless otherwise provided for by legally valid agreements between the online store and Carrier. Consideration of claims for the search for postal items is carried out in in accordance with the rules of the Carrier.

If the Order was delivered on time, but the Order was not transferred to the Buyer through his fault, the subsequent delivery is made within the new terms agreed with the Seller, after re-payment by the Buyer of the cost of services for the delivery of the Goods.


Upon delivery, the Order is handed over directly to the Buyer, his legal representative, or the person indicated as the Recipient of the Order. At the same time, the online store guarantees Confidentiality and protection of the recipient's Personal Information.


The Buyer has the right to refuse the Goods at any time before its transfer. The Buyer is not entitled to refuse the Goods of proper quality, which have an individual certain properties, if the specified Goods can be used exclusively by the Buyer acquiring it.

If the Buyer refuses the goods, the online store must return the amount of money to him, paid by the Buyer under the contract, except for the costs of the seller for delivery from Buyer of the returned goods, no later than 10 working days from the date of presentation By the buyer of the corresponding requirement.



By transfer to the bank or other account of the Buyer specified in the Buyer's Application.


If the Buyer has any questions and claims, he has the right to contact to the Customer Service of the online store at the phone number indicated on the Site. Everything arising disputes, the parties will try to resolve through negotiations, in case of failure to reach agreement, the dispute may be referred to the court in accordance with the current legislation.