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History of the Elixir of Life

It's the 21st century. But human health and immunity are far from perfect and are under attack from more and more viruses and aggressive environmental influences. The most important treasure of each of us - the brain - also experiences enormous stress due to stress and the huge amount of processed information. And if the brain is unhealthy, the whole body begins to give systemic failure because of the distortion of impulse signals. So now more than ever, you need to pay great attention to the health of your brain and the body as a whole.

Our team has long been searching for powerful natural remedies that can take care of a person in these difficult times. We have traveled to the farthest corners of Siberia in search of hereditary herbalists and their secrets of health and longevity. One of them is Kogel Mizhitievich Saaya, a Tuvan herbalist healer, with whom we were lucky enough to talk before he left our world. He was 92 years old. His father and grandfather were engaged in herbalism. And he shared with us his valuable knowledge about the power of herbs.

What do you need to drink for?

Helps cure diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, seizures, conjunctivitis, viral and colds, diseases of the cardiovascular system and those associated with impaired cerebral circulation
Increases the overall stamina of the body, stress resistance
Significantly improves cerebral blood circulation: thought processes, memory, and brain performance during the day are activated
At times increases the body's resistance to colds, viral diseases
Cleanses the body of toxins, including through a positive effect on the liver
The businessman has no time to heal for a long time
Parents don't need to waste time getting sick, they have better things to do... Let your rear always stay with you, don't leave...
Athletes, extreme athletes - if you need to quickly prepare for new achievements
Kids don't need to get sick
Adds vitality to sick people for quick recovery and recuperation
Herbs are collected in the mountains at a certain time through a ritual, it is impossible to collect a lot of them, so we wish we could help everyone.

What is
Elixir of Life?

"Elixir of Life" is a truly unique and amazing product, vitally necessary for those who have increased stress in life - mental and physical. Those who have been ill for a long time and are not strong enough to fight the disease. Those who feel that his body is exhausted and his strength is at its limit. "Elixir of Life" sip by sip, day by day, will restore your strength and the work of all the vital systems of the body: brain, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal.

What makes it unique?

The uniqueness of the "Elixir of Life" is that it has a complex effect on the human body, on the one hand, helping to eliminate toxins, and on the other hand - filling it with vitality. Day by day you will become more active, stress-resistant and healthy. And your brain will begin to surprise you with its performance, improved thinking and cognitive processes.

How to take the Elixir of Life?

To improve immunity, stamina and stress resistance

Strictly on an empty stomach!
Drink 1 tablespoon (15 ml) immediately after awakening and before going to sleep. If it is difficult to fall asleep after the night use (because of the activation of brain activity) - the second reception should be moved to 4:00 pm-6:00 pm on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before a meal.

If you feel that you have a cold and start to get sick or if you have an exacerbation of existing chronic diseases

Take 30 ml (two tablespoons) in the morning immediately after waking up and 30 ml just before going to bed.

If you have a serious illness of various etiologies

Take 30 ml (two tablespoons) three times a day on an empty stomach - 30 ml in the morning immediately after awakening, 30 ml 30 minutes before dinner, 30 ml just before going to bed.


The herbs in the "Elixir of Life" are unique in their bioavailable properties and the fact that they are collected manually in the Siberian highlands. This is a very difficult and painstaking work. In addition, we do not want to rob the nature and its herbal wealth en masse. Therefore the amount of Elixir of Life produced is very limited in volume. This is also affected by the complexity of production: we do not use any preservatives or aggressive methods of sterilization, while preserving the maximum benefit of each herb and plant included in our product.

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How We Collect Herbs for the Elixir of Life

ShamanicPower - Bottle of elixir of life

Exclusive premium product
Limited Edition

What begins our way to health and longevity, to harmony with ourselves and destiny? The answer is vitality.

Vitality is what makes our heart beat, what gets the blood pumping through our veins. It's what keeps our brains clear and strong and our cells strong and healthy.

Our "Elixir of Life" will breathe new strength. Energize the defense mechanisms given by nature. Every day you will feel stronger and more energetic.

Comment cela fonctionne

Condition importante

Condition importante

Prenez l'élixir à jeun. Cela garantit une meilleure absorption et une action sur tous les systèmes du corps.

Première réception

Première réception

Immédiatement après le réveil, 30 minutes avant le café et le petit-déjeuner. En le prenant le matin, votre corps recevra un regain d'énergie et tous les systèmes se mettront au diapason pour fonctionner correctement.

Deuxième réception

Deuxième réception

Sur un estomac vide, juste avant d'aller se coucher. Pendant le sommeil, le corps humain se régénère, et Elixir de vie l'aide à le faire plus efficacement en nettoyant les toxines et en le remplissant de nutriments.

Prendre correctement l'élixir de vie


Vous ressentirez déjà plus de force et d'énergie après une semaine d'entraînement. Il y aura moins de maux de tête, moins d'envies de caféine, et si vous faites de l'exercice, vous sentirez une nouvelle force et un nouveau tonus se déverser dans vos muscles. Votre corps deviendra beaucoup plus résistant aux maladies virales, et les maladies chroniques seront de moins en moins visibles.

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Elixir of Life - 100 Natural
Elixir of Life - Alcohol Free
Elixir of Life - Non GMO

Discours des fondateurs

Ashera Akbars - Cofondateur
Ashera Akbars


Ashera Akbars

I am very fond of active healthy lifestyle and as a woman, of course, I am concerned about the issues of youth and its preservation. Living in a megalopolis, I fully experience the disadvantages associated with it: polluted atmosphere, increased radio-wave background (cellular networks, TV antennas), chlorinated water and so on. Of course, it helps a lot that my husband and I like to travel to places where pristine nature is strong. And that's primarily Siberia. It was there that we began to get to know the local long-timers and their secrets. It was there that we felt the power of mountain herbs. And it was there that we gathered the unique knowledge of local hereditary herbalists to create our "Elixir of Life".

We can talk about its benefits for a long time. The most important thing that I made for myself, taking "Elixir of Life":

It increases stamina. This is very important, for example, with frequent flights and time zone changes, which critically affect the immune system and overall health. This often leads to colds and other infectious diseases. Beginning to take the "Elixir of Life", I realized that the flights and jet lag no longer affect my health: it allows me to stay active and vigorous even in such conditions.

My husband and I are parents with many children, and, of course, the health of our children is a priority for us. "Elixir of Life" showed its effectiveness for children with frequent colds, asthma, conjunctivitis. Very much improves immunity.

The health of the brain and cardiovascular system is one of the whales on which human health is based. "Elixir of Life" greatly increases brain activity during the day, improves concentration, memory.

Of course, that's not all there is to say about the Elixir of Life. And if you asked me to describe it in two words, I would say: "It's like living water from fairy tales - it will lift anyone on his feet.

In my opinion, it is also important that the "Elixir of Life" has a very pleasant taste and is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

I want to wish everyone strong Siberian health! And "Elixir of Life" will definitely help you create it!
Andrei Sodomovsky - Cofondateur
Andrei Sodomovsky


Andrei Sodomovsky

I want to personally welcome everyone who has visited our site! My name is Andrew Sodomovsky, I am the co-founder of the "Shamanic Power" company. I am a doctor by education, with two specializations in surgery and traumatology. After 6 years of work in the hospital, so life happened, I went into pharmaceutical business and for about 15 years was engaged in clinical trials and quality control of medicines.

As a result I am a person, who was given a chance by life to see from the inside what modern medicine and pharmaceutics can do. And I've made the conclusion that doctors and drugs, in most cases, have a symptomatic effect, trying to relieve the symptoms of disease. This in no way devalues the actions of doctors, just, unfortunately, even at the moment we know very little. For the past two years, my life has been closely connected to the search for answers to the question: How can I help people, especially in cases where I, as a doctor, cannot help? How were people treated in the past? Is there knowledge that was not given to us in medical school? Are there remedies that save people from disease while doing no harm?

For two years we have spent a lot of work to find seemingly lost knowledge, talked with herbalists, healers in very remote parts of our country, and we were able to communicate with people who are among their people legends!

Collecting this knowledge, we made the Elixir of Life, and this is not a trade name - this is its essence. We have seen how powerfully it helps with completely different ailments! The first people who received it were our loved ones, our children, our parents. My father, who, in fact, was already slowly passing away, he got him out of the other side of the world.

I think we are doing a good thing with our project, and I hope we can help as many people as possible!

I wish you all good health!
Iskander Urmantsev - Cofondateur
Iskander Urmantsev


Iskander Urmantsev

Today we want to be active, travel a lot, discover new places, get emotions and memories that will stay with us for a lifetime. I was lucky enough to visit the highest point of Russia and Europe, Mount Elbrus 5642m, twice, and if I am lucky enough to visit more great mountains. While on an expedition it is very important to concentrate on the process and be confident in your body's capabilities.

So why am I drinking the elixir of life myself? I'll never forget the first week of taking it. Working out 5 times a week, for 1.5 hours, I learned to record the slightest changes in my stamina and strength. What was my surprise when in just one week, they increased by 15-20%! Less fatigue, faster recovery! My friends in the gym began to ask: "Iskander, what do you take? What is your secret?". The secret is the power of herbs and elements, the secret is the vitality of the places where they are gathered. The secret is in the wisdom of the oldest herbalists who gave us a unique recipe!

I am happy that we were able to create an elixir for you, able to bring the abilities of your body to a new level! There are new peaks and victories ahead, and I wish our elixir of life to become your true friend and helper!

Have a good trip!


Activez votre énergie vitale dès maintenant. En utilisant les connaissances anciennes des chamans et des herboristes, nous avons une recette unique pour un élixir qui vous permettra d'activer votre énergie vitale.

General Questions

Chaque herbe contenue dans Elixir of Life est unique par son origine, ses propriétés bénéfiques et ses principes actifs. Bien sûr, si vous les consommez même individuellement, vous pouvez en tirer de grands bénéfices. Mais quand vous choisissez Elixir de vie. Vous obtenez dans un seul flacon un mélange unique de plantes médicinales, prêt à l'emploi. Qui n'est pas seulement préparé d'une manière spéciale et douce. Mais aussi sur lequel se trouve son travail mystique de véritable chaman.

La puissance de notre produit est telle que si vous êtes déjà malade et que vous prenez des médicaments vitaux, Elixir of Life renforcera leurs propriétés. En combinaison, vous obtiendrez une efficacité encore plus grande et de meilleurs résultats de guérison.